happy long weekend

it’s finally here… i can’t wait to see you b..

what are you up to for he long weekend?


weekend dates

i miss the beau every week ALL week he lives a little further away which makes it harder to see him all the the time.. on a good note .. it makes our relatioship even better “distance makes the hear grow fonder” but now.. sometimes i feel like i’m alienating my girls friends on the weekends too..  which also makes me sad… there is a two rather large parties to attend this weekend one for my friends and another for his.. the only catch is there is one person in particular I DO NOT want to see at my friends party .. so what to do… i guess they are mutual friends now we have been dating long enough… Beau is totally okay with whatever i decide whether to abandon him to a couples party with out me and viceversa. and i miss him soo much…

but seriously.. do a forefit another event for his friends? i’m leaning towards yes… only b/c it’s a going away party.. is that bad?

the latest on chicklit

i’m looking for a new book now that i have read all my emily giffin novels; something borrowed, something blue, and baby proof.  now i have been to chapters 3 times but nothing has jumped out at me and i ahve come home empty handed again… 

have you read these books.. what did you choose next?

long weekend captivity

I’m city bound for the long weekend.. YUCK! i’m the country cottaging , boating summer kind of girl… the the heck do people do in the city on a long weekend?

tropical storm vs. hurricane

i am about to embark on a trip to Orlando, Florida in the next couple of weeks.. but i have to say i’m getting a little worried about this vacation with all these storms threatning.. not to mention todays headlines “Sept. 2008 will be the pinacle of Hurricanes in Florida’s past” ugh.

have you ever been involved in a storm like this?

ready to hit the books..

i haven’t been a student for over two years now and it’s almost time to go abck i have a month before school starts but i only have 12 days of work left then it’s vacation time.. i’m starting to get soo excited to skip the vacay part though and head back.. just call me super nerd. i’m excited to get back into my lazy routine of watching tv a night then hitting the books and being able to sleep in .. and NO MORE HIGH HEELS!! i get into my studies pretty hard when school starts though i still like to have my weekends so i work really hard at trying to keep up everyday..

What about you are you heading back to school this fall? How do you feel about it.. and what kind of routine to establish during the school year?

morning wake-up

i often find myself reading another ottawa blog “please pick up your socks” this morning she posted about what’s your morning routine.. well i feel like i don’t have one after reading hers. my alarm goes off around 6am then i push the snooze button 9 minutes pass and i push it again.. another 9 minutes and push it again.. before i know it is 6:54 am and i have just slept an extra 54 minutes which wasn’t a good sleep by any means. now i’m on my way to the shower then hair, teeth, make-up, clothes and out the door. no time for breakfast, coffee or even stop time for Tim Horton’s. i know my trainer would not be happy reading this ” part of a healthy work week in SNACKS” he always says.. i’m not good a snacking on the good stuff. everything else no PROBLEM AT ALL.. but yogurt and veggies.. it gets boring..  which makes me wonder.. it is just me who gets stuck in the lazy not morning person routine?

how do you fit everything you need to do in the morning on time? do you have special tricks on how to really get out of bed when the alarm does go off?